2018 Meeting Schedule

                              All meetings held in the cafeteria of Jefferson Davis Campus

                                          MGCCC, 2226 Switzer Rd. Gulfport, MS, 39507


  • August 11, Second Sunday. -  We’ll end our summer education series with a final AOS program on “Today’s Strap-leaf Vanda Hybrids”. 
  • September 8, Second Sunday. -  Prep for the Fred Clark visit. 
  • October 13, Second Sunday – We have an agreement with Fred Clark of Sunset Valley Orchids to speak and sell plants. 
  • November 10, Second Sunday. - We’ll play Name That Orchid. All the pictures you’ll see will be featured orchids from the June, July, August, and October programs. 
  • December 8, Second Sunday Bingo Christmas pot luck   

  • July 12-14, 2019 Baton Rouge Orchid Society Show 
  • ​January 24-26, 2019 GCOS Orchid Show and Sale

Upcoming Area Shows 

​Schedule of Upcoming Events

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